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Anna Barton-

1000+ weddings, 2 careers and 19 years in the wedding industry- this is how it all happened…

When I was 15 years old, I didn’t want to detassel for yet another summer, so I went looking for a “real” job. I was lucky and found a position as a wedding photographer’s assistant and stayed at that studio through high school learning the ins and out of weddings. My boss always said that at most weddings only the photographer and DJ have ever been to more than a handful of weddings, so it was our job to help things go as smoothly as possible. Because if everyone is stressed out, then no one is happy in the pictures!

I took this knowledge and worked for several other photographers and eventually opened my own photography studio working in the central Iowa region. After 12 years as a photographer and hundreds of weddings I retired and closed my studio realizing that photography was no longer my passion. While I was searching for a new line of work, a casual conversation lead to a desperate mom begging me for the name of someone/anyone who could help with her daughter’s wedding in three months that had not been planned at all. Volunteering myself as tribute, I thought with my background in weddings that I could help in some way. I quickly found my calling as my years in the wedding industry payed off in basic knowledge of scheduling, tradition and working with vendors. Through that wedding an accidental career bloomed as more people asked me to plan or coordinate their weddings. It took nearly two years for me to admit I had a wedding planning business and so Carina Bella was born. Italian for cute and beautiful, the nickname I had given my daughter became the name of the company that I never intended to start but have enjoyed growing for the last 7 years.

The best compliment I can ever receive from a bride is that she was so happy that everything went smoothly and there were no issues. The truth is it never goes smoothly and there are always issues but the bride and groom should be able to enjoy their day and not worry about the little things that come up. And that is what I love doing. Making sure that a couple has the perfect day to remember for the next 50 years of their marriage.





Rebecca & Andrea

Hiring Anna was one of the best decisions we made for our daughter’s wedding. She followed up with all of the vendors but she really shined during the wedding. She took charge of vendors and saw that everything happened at the right time and everyone was in the correct place. She even comforted a crying baby during the wedding toasts (certainly not expected). She stayed until the very end, helping with the cleanup. She’s got the energy!

-Glenda Swegle, July 2018

Melanny and Daren Wedding-703.jpg

Melanny & Daren

Anna was amazing! My husband was dubious that we needed a wedding coordinator, but about halfway through the process, he admitted she was critical. Weddings are INSANE, and you need outside help. Otherwise, you will be arguing with your new mother in law over procession arrangements the day before the wedding. Save your relationships and hire Anna!

-Melanny Henson Osborn, July 2017